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For Only $99 (For A Limited Time)

Is social media taking up too much of your time? 

Social media is the place to be. After all, that’s where your customers hang out. They are scrolling their feeds looking for the next big thing. And that next big thing might be you! One thing’s for certain though, you have to have an online presence to get noticed.

Look, we get it. Running a business is like juggling flaming hoops while riding a unicycle, and adding social media to your already busy plate is overwhelming. But fear not, because we’re here to rescue from that overwhelm.

Our social media account managers are here to help you get your business out there, for a ridiculously affordable rate, so you can free up your time for important tasks within your business.

You’re Probably Wondering: Why Are You Offering Such A Low Rate?

The answer is simple. Because we manage social media accounts for franchises, we offer bulk rates, and we wanted to extend this offer to other businesses for a limited time. This means we are used to managing a high volume of accounts for a low cost, without compromising results.

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Consistency and Creativity = Growth

Find growth and more engagement with your social media posts.



How much does it cost and what platforms does it include?

The price for social media management services is $99 per month. This includes 5 posts a week on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

How do you get photos of my business, products, and services?

We’ll create a Google Drive folder for you and ask you to place images within it. We can also pull from your website and stock image sources (when appropriate). In your kick-off meeting we’ll find out your preferences and aesthetics. Then we’ll design posts that suit your brand and keep a consistent look and feel across your platforms.

How long is your contract?

Because the rate is so low we do require a 12-month commitment for the time we invest.

How do I sign up?

Simply agree to the terms of service and submit your first payment of $99 and an account manager will be in touch to start collecting necessary information to get your account up and running. In the first email from us, you’ll receive a calendar link so you can schedule a kick-off call with our team.

Where can I read reviews about your agency?

We are 5-star rated on Google reviews and you can read sample reviews at the bottom of this page.

Don’t miss this limited-time opportunity. Order Social Media Services now and see how we can help your business stand out online.

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